Saturday, July 10, 2010 Review

I have recently submitted 2 articles for publishing at Within just a few hours of submitting them, I received an email saying that they were chosen for publishing! The best part about it is that these articles were ones that I had already written, they were not written originally for However, only accepts original content, meaning that it cannot be published on any other site. For those not familiar with the world of online writing, most websites will place ads on the writer's content page and when a reader clicks on the ad or makes a purchase from the ad, the writer earns revenue. writers earn revenue from regular ads and also from Google AdSense. According to the website, "Over the past month, Google AdSense earnings have doubled, with the same amount of views earning twice as much revenue". This means that your published work can work harder and earn more money for YOU! However it should be noted that writers are not eligible to receive Google AdSense revenue until they have published at least 5 articles on the site. It's so easy to get set up! Just go to and there will be a sign up page on the left hand side. Fill out your information, click "sign up" and you should shortly be receiving an email request to verify your account. Click the verification link in the email to confirm your account and voila! You are now an official account holder at! Hit the "Submit" tab next to the "Dashboard" tab after you've signed onto your account. From here, it's easy to submit previous work, or any new content on a variety of topics. has to be one of my favorite websites to publish to because they handle all the marketing for your work! They also accept many different kinds of media!

According to the website, "Whether you write, photograph, record or compose, you can submit your creation to Triond. We accept all original content on any topic, including written articles, pictures, audio, and video. No matter how you created it, we can publish it. Triond helps showcase your content so your work gets maximum readership and you earn recognition. As soon as your content is published, it begins generating revenue from several income sources, such as display and contextual advertising that appears on the pages of your content. We share with you 50% of the revenue generated by your content".

In the world of online publishing, 50% of ad revenue is probably the highest percentage I've seen. This means writers can make MORE money for the same amount of content! In fact, I know writers who have published THREE times as many articles on other sites as they have on but make the same amount of money! So it's all about working SMARTER, not HARDER.

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